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    Welcome to my personal website! Thanks for being here! Let me introduce myself:


    My name is Marvin Molijn. 28-years old Dutch guy and currently Head of Channel Marketing at BCN3D. Former Head of Marketing, Handlefy, Channel Marketing Manager at Ultimaker, business developer at The Next Web, BBA-graduate, and MBA-graduate.


    I am always ready to help some interesting projects or cool startups! If you need some support on (channel) marketing, strategy and/or growth hacking, feel free to reach out! See directly what I can offer at skills-section.


    Please don't hesitate to contact and connect with me.


    Love to connect and have a chat!

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  • A summary about me

    More detailed info you can find all over this website.



    Barcelona, Spain

    Origin: The Netherlands

    MBA & BBA


    1.5 years

    Of studying abroad





    Tech & Books


  • Currently

    What I am doing at the moment.


    Head of Channel Marketing

    BCN3D Technologies is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of 3D printing solutions in the world. Based in Barcelona, BCN3D believes in delivering the best quality tools to both professionals and industry level users. BCN3D's goal is to enable creators and innovators to materialize their ideas providing a platform for creation.


    BCN3D has a global network of distributors and resellers. As Head of Channel Marketing, I am responsible for the marketing activities of our partners all over the world. We support the partners with MDF, marketing assets, expertise and network, speakers, and everything else that is needed for them to make (local) marketing as easy as possible.


    More info can be found here


    Head of Marketing

    Handlefy is a startup; ready to disrupt the self-storage industry. With the Handlefy app and Full Service Storage, you can document your stuff digitally, let it collect, store and let it bring back to you when it suits you best. The app, smart software, personal service and the overall convenience make Handlefy unique. Your phone is your tool, Handlefy takes care of the rest.


    Responsible for marketing, communications and growth. Working on projects with the team like marketing campaigns, app development, website, email marketing, social media, paid ads (Google & socials), and marketing automation. Furthermore highly involved in the process of investment rounds and strategic decision making to grow the company and making impact.


    More info can be found here

    Looking for new projects

    There is always time available for cool stuff

    I would like to develop myself and therefore looking for projects I can work for. Have a look at this website, or see directly what I can offer at skills-section. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions. Go directly to contact details.

  • My system

    How I work and what kind of person I am.


    With a high responsibility, I work the best. I love leading a team and have the responsibility. I am an independent team player. (yes just think about that..)

    Growth Focused

    I my opinion, standing still is the same as going backwards. Competitive advantage can only be reached by being focused on growth and development.


    With my education in concepting, storytelling, design and innovation, a 24/7 creative mindset and way of thinking is on! I don't think outside box; I think like there is no box.

    Want to be challenged

    I get bored easily. So, bring on the challenge. I love learning new things and you will have my interest quite quickly. (this might lead to a bunch of questions..)

    Down To Earth

    As a real Dutch guy, I am honest and down to earth. I like being to the point and most value the honesty of people. "Cut the bullsh*t".

    Data Driven

    I am analytical and observant. With A/B-testing, collecting data and doing research, more knowledge and insights will be gained for better decision making.


    I am a very optimistic guy and always looking for opportunities. "Just do it," and not afraid to fail. Failing is simply just learning, isn't it?

    Immune to stress (almost)

    Trained to handle stressful and unexpected situations in the event industry, combined with my calm personality, stress doesn't influence me as with most people. I kind of like the pressure even.


    Change, innovation, trying and discovering new things are cool. I like to be open minded, improve and not stick too long by doing something the same way. Let's explore!

  • Skills

    What I can offer:

    Digital Marketing

    Channel Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Social Media Marketing


    Google AdWords/AdSense

    Content Marketing




    Business Development

    Indirect sales

    Channel sales

    Growth Hacking

    Lead Generation

    Partnership management


    Deal Making


    Strategic Thinking

    Leadership & Management


    Analytics & Data Conversion


    Tell me.

    You are missing a skill here as your perfect candidate?


    I am eager to develop myself as a fast learner to get skilled in what you need to grow your company.


    My experience from the past. Study, projects, internships, businesses and all of that.


    Head of Marketing

    Handlefy is a startup; ready to disrupt the self-storage industry. With the Handlefy app and Full Service Storage, you can document your stuff digitally, let it collect, store and let it bring back to you when it suits you best. The app, smart software, personal service and the overall convenience make Handlefy unique. Your phone is your tool, Handlefy takes care of the rest.


    Responsible for marketing, communications and growth. Working on projects with the team like marketing campaigns, app development, website, email marketing, social media, paid ads (Google & socials), and marketing automation. Furthermore highly involved in the process of investment rounds and strategic decision making to grow the company and making impact.


    More info can be found here


    Ultimaker (3D-Printers)

    Channel Marketing Manager EMEA (2 years)

    Ultimaker is a Dutch 3D printer manufacturer which started in 2011 as an open source project. The project became a company, with over 300 employees currently. Ultimaker is seen as the Apple of the 3D printer industry and is known for its quality and reliability. Besides the 3D printers, Ultimaker provides 3D printing software (Ultimaker Cura), with over millions of users.


    Ultimaker sells it its machines and services in over 50 countries worldwide together with its sales partners and resellers. Together with a small team we take care that the marketing for Ultimaker, done by the EMEA partners, is planned and executed correctly. We support them with MDF, marketing assets, expertise and network, speakers, and everything else that is needed for them to make (local) marketing as easy as possible.


    More info can be found here.


    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    Focus: Internatinal Entrepreneurship and Strategic Leadership (1 year)

    This Master of Business Administration at Halmstad University, Sweden, specializes in how to identify, create and exploit opportunities for international growth and development using entrepreneurial strategies. Providing the knowledge and skills required for leading and managing entrepreneurial organizations in today’s highly competitive and increasingly international markets and environments.


    During this MBA we are trained as top management and trained the ability to make, implement and evaluate strategic decisions. Gaining knowledge about strategic processes and how internal and external resources and contingencies provide conditions for organizational growth and development.


    More info can be found here.


    The Next Web

    Business Developer - internship (6 months)

    Founded in 2006, The Next Web is one of the world’s largest online publications that delivers an international perspective on the latest news about Internet technology, business and culture. With an active, influential audience consisting of more than 7.2 million monthly visits and 9.5 million monthly page views, The Next Web continues to expand its global presence on its website with the addition of new channels and content partnerships, as well as through events in North America and Europe.


    As an intern, I was mainly responsible for the sales inbound, screening the new advertisement and partnership inquiries and the development of this process. I was also responsible for finding new strategic leads for future partnerships, using a variety of tools. Besides that, I did some side-tasks for the TNW 2016 Conference, like developing the sales booth and organizing a partnership dinner. (on a boat through the canals of Amsterdam!)


    More info: News site or TNW Conference

    Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

    Growth Hacker - internship (6 months)

    Part of ECE was: Get in the Ring is the Olympics for Startups; a worldwide competition where startups face off against each other in one-on-one pitching battles.


    In 2014 over 2,000 startups competed in GITR, known by its fans as “the Olympics for startups.” Through national selection rounds in over 64 countries and finals in each region of the world, the 8 most promising startups came together in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Four Champion investors and an audience of business angels, VC’s, entrepreneurs, and captains of industry, decided which startup will win the title of World Champion, taking home the coveted championship belt – and hopefully an investment.


    Since 2009, over 10,000 startups have participated in GITR, and takes part in over 100 countries nowadays. GITR has also been a winner, capturing international awards such as the European Enterprise Promotion Awards for supporting the internationalisation of business.


    I was responsible for the following tasks while organizing the International Final: app development (for info and voting), logistics (over 20+ partners), controlling design team and instruct volunteers. Besides these tasks, I was also (co-)responsible for the general and overall Social Media, SEO, website optimization and business development for the GITR competition itself.


    Website Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

    Website Get In The Ring

    My BBA-degree

    Bachelor of Business Administration,

    International Event, Music and Entertainment Studies (4 years)

    We were trained to become marketing professionals specialized in selling creative concepts for the event, music and entertainment industries. We learned to analyze, calculate and create ever refreshing, innovative marketing campaigns and how best to market a product or service from creative sectors.


    I was chairman of the student fraction at the representative advisory board. It is an honor to represent 2200 students at the RAB of the academy. I think it is important, because, in the meetings of the RAB with the principal, agreements are made with regards to general policy, strategy, personnel policy, accommodation, student policy and developments in the area of education. It is very interesting to do!


    Subjects: project management, economics, concepting, communication, media design, law, research, (online) marketing, strategic marketing, writing.


    More info about this awesome study!

    Minor Abroad Norway

    Sports Psychology and Snow Business

    Lillehammer, Norway (6 months)

    This amazing experience, I will never forget. It was incredible and I felt in love with the amazing country. I followed these courses:


    Sports Psychology

    The course in Sports Psychology offers a general introduction to the growing field of sport and exercise psychology. Students will gain an understanding of how psychological factors influence performance and exercise for groups and individuals, and how these processes and factors are influenced by the participants’ experiences within their sports. Students will gain an in-depth understanding on how emotion, arousal, stress and regulatory behaviors influence people's behaviors within the sports realm.

    Snow Business
    Snow Business offers students an introduction to the winter sports business environment. The teaching approach is through lectures, site visits and studying cutting-edge research within the field. The aim is that students should acquire knowledge about development of destinations, customer service, marketing and human resource development within winter sports activities.


    Website of the university: www.hil.no

    My hobby-business

    MC Sound

    Speakers, lights and DJ's for every party (12 years)

    It started as a great idea together with a good friend of mine at the age of 14. We were two young boys who wanted to become the new Tiesto and Armin van Buuren. Yes, we failed in that. But, we succeeded in having a semi-professional speakers- and light rental for consumers and businesses. We have made many unforgettable parties with our professional equipment and DJ-skills! Nowadays, the business is on hold because of limited time and other interesting things in life.


    High Potentials On Tour


    Students cooperative in event organizing (2 year project)

    I was a proud member of this collaboration between the 20 most talented students of our Academy with a passion for event management. We had our own office and meeting place. Organizing different events and working together with other events and festivals. Really cool opportunity and an honor to be asked for this group. It is fantastic to work with these students.


    I was responsible for tasks like:  concepting, financial management, account management, event management, logistics, and partnerships.


    Students' association

    Committee External Events (1 year)

    This is the main student association at our Academy. They provide events, dinners, training, books, excursions and, of course, a great community. In the first committee, I was part of, Committee of External Events, we organized several events in collaborations with businesses and other third parties.


    A year later, in the second committee I took place, I was part of the organizing team for ACI Graduation Night. The biggest gala of the academy with 200+ guests.


    See the after movie of ACI Graduation Night 2015 here.

    ... aan de kook

    Organizing walking diners in cities and villages (3 years)

    As initiator and co-organizer, I set-up this non-profit initiative that strengthens the sociability of little villages and neighborhoods. What we do: we organize an evening where people cook for each other. You have an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert and you eat every dish at another's home. You prepare one of the dishes and people visit your house for that specific dish. Sounds fun right? It is. It started in just 1 village and is spread out now in 5 villages.


    Website about this initiative

  • Certificates

    So you know for sure that I am officially able to do some stuff.

    Advanced Google Analytics Certificate

    By Google

    Advanced Google Analytics Certificate proves that the candidate is capable of features like implement tracking code, analyze reports, set up goals, campaign tracking, data collection, processing and configuration, and more complex analysis and marketing tools.

    Google Tag Manager Certificate

    By Google

    With the Google Tag Manager Certificate the candidate proves its skills and knowledge of GTM. GTM covers the tag implementation and management processes for marketers, analysts, and developers.


    Growth Driven Design Agency Certificate

    By Hubspot

    Growth-Driven Design by Hubspot is a smarter approach to developing peak performing websites. GDD implicitly acknowledges that there's so much opportunity for generating business online. With this certificate, I am deemed to be fully capable in the GDD Methodology and capable of marketing, selling, and delivering GDD services.

    More info here.

    Online Proficiency Certificate

    By Google

    The Digital Garage by Google is the course for mastering and testing your digital marketing knowledge and skills. This certificate covers a wide range of subjects as search, email, social media, display, video, e-commerce, geo-targeting and analytics.

    More info here.

  • Volunteering & Awards

    I've been part of different projects, contests (won some awards!), and participated in some courses.

    Course Brand Management



    3 monthly course with concepts like: rebranding, e-branding, storytelling, global branding en internal branding. NVAO accredited.


    Course Entrepreneurship



    CVO helps students to develop an entrepreneurial attitude, making them entrepreneurs or professionals in their professional practice.


    More info!

    Student Event Game 2016



    Organized by the Dutch association of event managers. Contest between universities en academies to create the best event concept in just 5 hours. We became 1st, of the 25!



    BrainsAWARD 2014



    Contest about innovation, sustainability and participation ideas. With an educational app idea we were one of the nominees for the final, out of 220 entries.About


    Media Future Week 2014



    Participants in the MFW are challenged to develop their own vision on the media future and their role as future media professional. An exclusive program of 12 hours daily, 4 days long.



    IEMES Tunes Up



    An excellence program offered at my academy. What we did: start a record label. Yes we did, in 2013. Optimistic right?


    More info

    Fabriek Magnifique

    Organization & production


    Cultural festival with a lot of art, music, and absurd acts. 70.000 visitors.


    More info!

    8 Hours' overtime



    People around the world get together to donate 8 hours of their time to good causes. It is an initiative that supports young creatives to meet new friends and collaboratively support local charities.



    Parc La Clusure

    Lifeguard & bartender


    This beautiful AA-certified and 4,5 stars rate holiday park is truly unique. Near to Luxembourg country.






    Tomas Vit,  Managing consultant, 3D printing at 3Dwiser


    If a leading manufacturer and a specialized distributor work together on joint marketing activities, it's great if they play the same note. Marvin was a helpful and open manager at a partner company.


    He regularly supplied us with attractive stories from the industry and behind-the-scenes experiences, but at the same time he listened and appreciated our local activities that we could offer to the global channel in an interesting way later.


    It's always nice to work on a professional, yet personal level.



    Kris Verhaeverbeke,  Accountmanager bij Distrinova


    I had the privilege of working with Marvin for more than a year at Ultimaker. Marvin is proactive, result oriented, responsible, and he is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done.


    He has an exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skills.


    A great asset to any company.



    Bram Cuijpers, Initiator HOT and director Buro-Plankgas

    Marvin is capable of asking insistent and well-considered questions but only after he has thoroughly listened, observed and analyzed the case. This makes him highly decisive and capable of giving full dedication and conviction.


    One of his decision was to reinforce HOT, an organization where High Potential students are engaged in the development and organizing of high-quality events. Marvin shows enthusiastic attitude and is absolutely a leader in an honest way. His ambitions and qualities are mainly aimed at the commercial market. However, Marvin is not afraid of other activities.


    He is a nice man to work with!



    Drs. Laura van Hinthum-Angenendt, lecturer Marketing and Sales and study coach at Fontys ACI


    As a study coach and teacher Marketing and Sales, I know Marvin from his first and second year of his study business administration at the Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg as an eager to learn and critical student. He is a businessman with an eye for solutions.


    Marvin is open to new experiences. Because of his focus on results, he is a valuable player in a team but he can also work well independently. A learning point for Marvin is also on this level. Marvin prefers to work efficiently towards a goal, but he does not always see that road towards it, it is more instructive than the result.


    By watching the projects and plans that Marvin produces, I can foresee see a professional businessman who knows what the customer wants. It is not surprising to me that this pleasant and critical student is already active with business by running several projects.